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  Other Research Activities - Fruit Crops

The heavy rainfall, hot and humid climate and well drained soils mountainous undulating and sloppy terrain of the Konkan is very much conducive for the cultivation of various fruit crops. These fruit crops give comparatively four to five more return per unit area than the traditional cereal crops. This region is famous for Alphonso mangoes, bold cashewnut, kalipatti sapota fruits and Shrivardhanee variety of areacanut. Mango, cashew nut, kokum, jackfruit are the major rainfed fruit crops while coconut, arecanut,sapota are the major irrigated fruit crops grown in the Konkan region. The Government of Maharashtra also realized the importance of fruit crops in employment generation and upliftment of poor marginal farmers and launched an ambitious Employment Guarantee Scheme Linked with Fruit Crops Cultivation in Maharashtra State from 1990-1991.

The scheme was supported by supply of genuine quality planting material of fruit crops by the four Agriculture Universities. As a result the area and production of fruit crops in Konkan increased four fold than the year 1990. In Konkan about 3 lakh hectare area has been brought under fruit crops during last decade. However still about 4.0 lakh hectare cultivable warkas land is available for plantation of fruit crops.

Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli has made significant contribution in the development of Horticulture in the Konkan region by release of improved varieties, standardization of package of practices, pest and disease control, use of growth regulators for regular and high yield, training of youth and farmers in nursery techniques, production technology and post harvest technology of fruit crops etc. It has also done research work for solving some of the vital problems in fruit cultivation and export of fruits. 


           1. Mango

           2. Cashew

           3. Sapota

           4. Jackfruit

           5. Kokum

           6. Coconut

           7. Arecanut

: 1,47,000 Hectares

: 1,43,000 Hectares

: 25,000 Hectares

: 100 Hectares

: 100 Hectares

: 28,000 Hectares

: 2,000 Hectares


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